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Allen - definition of Allen by The Free Dictionary
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Allen Define Allen at
Allen definition, British philosophical writer and novelist. See more.

Allen Wrench Definition of Allen Wrench by Merriam-Webster
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Allen dictionary definition Allen defined
Allen was good looking, popular and exciting. Allen couldn't be rejected, so he belittled her intelligence, the close relationship with her family and accused her of cheating on him. Allen had been drinking at the party a little more than usual.

Allen - definition of Allen by The Free Dictionary
The hymn must therefore be later than that date, though Terpander, according to Weir Smyth (16), may have only modified the scale of the lyre; yet while the burlesque character precludes an early date, this feature is far removed, as Allen and Sikes remark, from the silliness of the "Battle of the Frogs and Mice", so that a date in the earlier part of the sixth century is most probable.

Allen Key Definition of Allen Key by Merriam-Webster
Allen key definition is - a small tool that is used to turn a special type of screw. a small tool that is used to turn a special type of screw… See the full definition

The word letters
The word allend uses 6 letters.

The letters used in allend

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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

danell dlneal landel landle elland endall leland lendal andell nadell ndlela

Word scramble of allend

adelln dellna ellnad llnade lnadel nadell More >
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Add one letter to the 'ADELLN' letters

O Add - lalonde llenado danello dellano donella
P Add - padnell pelland pendall
R Add - landerl landler llandre llednar randell rednall rendall darllen darnell nardell andrell arndell
S Add - ellands landels lelands sandell selland sendall andsell ansdell
T Add - letland andtell
U Add - lundale anulled
V Add - vandell vladlen
W Add - ellwand wallden wallend wandell welland wendall danwell dawnell
Y Add - landley leyland lyndale danyell yandell yelland allendy

Short words found in allend

dna adddl deae anan alena nelan lel ndell dnna enea More >

Words starting with allend

allendorfs allendoerfer allendesalazar allenda allendiscovers allende allendes allender allendy allendorf

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Words ending in allend

kallend wallend

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Words containing allend

vallende ballenden challender ballendorf wallendbeen callendar sallender wallendorf mallenders wallenda

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