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Although Define Although at
Although the blood-spattered offices will be off-limits, staff have vowed to continue producing the magazine.

Although - definition of although by The Free Dictionary
Although usually occurs at the beginning of its clause (as in the preceding example), whereas though may occur elsewhere and is the more common term when used to …

Although Definition of Although by Merriam-Webster
Definition of although : in spite of the fact that : even though They are good friends, although they don''t see each other very often.

Although definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Although the shooting has stopped for now, the destruction left behind is enormous. Synonyms: though , while , even if , even though More Synonyms of although 2.

although Definition of although in English by Oxford ...
The form although can be replaced by though, the only difference being that although tends to be more formal than though. Some uses of though are not interchangeable with although, however: for example, adverbial uses (it was nice of him to phone, though) and uses in phrases with ‘as’ or ‘even’ (she doesn''t look as though she''s listening)

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The word altgough uses 8 letters.

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agghlotu gghlotua ghlotuag hlotuagg lotuaggh otuagghl tuagghlo uagghlot More >
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algal oggoal oghlu hullah haag haala hhoglo oggao ghata thaha ot touth oogoha ogggoo hoogt otool laught agau ttooal gahlah More >

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