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Amen Definition of Amen by Merriam-Webster
Define amen: ?used to express solemn ratification (as of an expression of faith) or hearty approval (as of an assertion) ? amen in a sentence

Amen Define Amen at
it is so; so be it (used after a prayer, creed, or other formal statement to express solemn ratification or agreement). adverb. 2. verily; truly. noun. 3. an utterance of the interjection “amen.”.

Amen - definition of amen by The Free Dictionary
(Ecclesiastical Terms) so be it!: a term used at the end of a prayer or religious statement. n. 1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the use of the word amen, as at the end of a prayer. 2. say amen to to express strong approval of or support for (an assertion, hope, etc)

What Does Amen Mean? Bible Definition
In current usage, the term "amen" has become little more than a ritualized conclusion to prayers. Yet the Hebrew and Greek words for amen appear hundreds of times in ...

Amen definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Amen definition: Amen is said by Christians at the end of a prayer. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Amen definition of Amen by Medical dictionary
Looking for online definition of Amen in the Medical Dictionary? Amen explanation free. What is Amen? Meaning of Amen medical term. What does Amen mean?

AMEM - Definition by AcronymFinder
Meaning of AMEM. What does AMEM stand for? AMEM abbreviation. Define AMEM at Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools ...

Amens Define Amens at
Amens definition, it is so; so be it (used after a prayer, creed, or other formal statement to express solemn ratification or agreement). See more.

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The word amem uses 4 letters.

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