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Timeline of the name "Palestine" - Wikipedia
c. 450 BC: Herodotus, The Histories, First historical reference clearly denoting a wider region than biblical Philistia, referring to a "district of Syria, called Palaistinê" (Book 3): "The country reaching from the city of Posideium to the borders of Egypt... paid a tribute of three hundred and fifty talents.All Phoenicia, Palestine Syria, and Cyprus, were herein contained.

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The word anchorets uses 9 letters.

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trasnoche archontes archstone sonartech

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acehnorst cehnorsta ehnorstac hnorstace norstaceh orstacehn rstacehno stacehnor tacehnors More >
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attes shorer encc nsna raes nanase nart crsc nanoss heanet stoere sorter coc ncoa seaco sanos rrh soroa hearts sataa orta hreth toras nerea cocoas anan nocc arcore racan ehrnen cre enseat torrs chaora rancho thaha annots ot nero anshen thront hroats oesson sarch ornee neera cresc scnee nrcs eoan sesrs scathe anor ntohs hecte rahter hansac rasar haces tete seher snene sence nons sore ashtar asson nath senne stat hoten oncern More >

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