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Append Definition of Append by Merriam-Webster
Append is a somewhat formal word. Lawyers, for example, often speak of appending items to other documents, and lawmakers frequently append small bills to big ones, hoping that everyone will be paying attention only to the main part of the big bill and won't notice.

Append Define Append at
Append definition, to add as a supplement, accessory, or appendix; subjoin: to append a note to a letter. See more.

Append - definition of append by The Free Dictionary
Define append. append synonyms, append pronunciation, append translation, English dictionary definition of append. tr.v. ap·pend·ed , ap·pend·ing , ap·pends 1. To add as a supplement or appendix: appended a list of errors to the report.

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appendum - definition and meaning
The measurements made at the time were as follows: circumference at the largest part, just below the umbilicus, 50 inches; circumference just below the mammae, 35 inches; from the xiphoid cartilage to the symphysis pubis, 32 inches, not including the appendum, which is shown in the picture.

Appease - definition of appease by The Free Dictionary
Define appease. appease synonyms, appease pronunciation, appease translation, English dictionary definition of appease. tr.v. ap·peased , ap·peas·ing , ap·peas·es 1. a. To placate or attempt to placate by granting concessions, often at the expense of principle. b.

Appease Definition of Appease by Merriam-Webster
Appease definition is - pacify, conciliate; especially : to make concessions to (someone, such as an aggressor or a critic) often at the sacrifice of principles. How to use appease in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of appease.

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The word appem uses 5 letters.

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aempp emppa mppae ppaem paemp More >
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epm amap paea meap amm maaa pmp More >

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mappemond mappemonde mappemonds

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