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Add Append Onto Your Vocabulary. Append is a somewhat formal word. Lawyers, for example, often speak of appending items to other documents, and lawmakers frequently append small bills to big ones, hoping that everyone will be paying attention only to the main part of the big bill and won't notice.

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Append definition, to add as a supplement, accessory, or appendix; subjoin: to append a note to a letter. See more.

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The word append uses 6 letters.

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A D E N P P anagram solver >

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appended appending appends
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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

penpad dappen napped papend

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adenpp denppa enppad nppade ppaden padenp More >
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R Add - parpend rednapp apprend
S Add - appends snapped
X Add - exppand

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dna ppad deae anan dnna paea panna enea More >

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appendence appendency appendent appendage appendix appendixed appendectomy appendancy appended appendiculariidae

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Words ending in append

lappend happend propmodeappend

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Words containing append

disappendant endoappendicitis inappendiculate misappended nonappendant pseudoappendicitis nonappendence happends disappendancy tappenden

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