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Definition. An apse is a semicircular recess covered with a hemispherical vault. Commonly, the apse of a church, cathedral or basilica is the semicircular or polygonal termination to the choir or sanctuary, or sometimes at the end of an aisle. In relation to church architecture it is generally the name given to where the altar is placed or where the clergy are seated.

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The Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) is a networking community that assists local authorities who are striving to improve their frontline services.

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Performance Networks What is it? APSE performance networks is the largest voluntary public sector benchmarking service across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Apse church architecture
Apse: Apse, in architecture, a semicircular or polygonal termination to the choir, chancel, or aisle of a secular or ecclesiastical building. First used in pre-Christian Roman architecture, the apse often functioned as an enlarged niche to hold the statue of a deity in a temple. It was also used in the

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Help Lead the Advancement of Equitable Employment for People with Disabilities. APSE members are the foundation of advocacy for integrated employment.

Alabama Association for Persons in Supported Employment
The AL-APSE, The Network on Employment was formed in 1997 as a chapter of APSE, The Network on Employment. It is our goal to improve and expand integrated employment opportunities, services, and outcomes for persons with disabilities through employment with supports (supported employment).

Welcome to Indiana APSE The Network on Employment: Employment First-Employment Now. Our Mission: IN-APSE is a membership organization that promotes and expands quality, community employment outcomes of choice for all people with disabilities.

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