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Ase Definition of Ase by Merriam-Webster
What does the abbreviation ASE stand for? Meaning: American Stock Exchange ? ASE in a sentence

ASE - definition of ASE by The Free Dictionary
Define ASE. ASE synonyms, ... English dictionary definition of ASE. abbr. American Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange. a suffix used in the names of enzymes: ...

ASE Define ASE at
-ase A suffix used to form the names of enzymes. It is often added to the name of the compound that the enzyme breaks down, as in lactase, which breaks down lactose.

-ase Define -ase at
-ase definition, a suffix used in the names of enzymes: oxidase. See more.

What does ase mean? - Definitions for ase
Definition of ase in the dictionary. Meaning of ase. What does ase mean? Information and translations of ase in the most comprehensive dictionary ...

ASE - Definition by AcronymFinder
104 definitions of ASE. Meaning of ASE. What does ASE stand for? ... suggest new definition; Search for ASE in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia. Abbreviation Database ...

ATPase - definition of ATPase by The Free Dictionary
ATPase synonyms, ATPase pronunciation, ATPase translation, English dictionary definition of ATPase. n. An enzyme that catalyzes the formation of ATP from ... ATP·ase ...

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The word ase uses 3 letters.

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aes eas esa sae sea

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se sa as ss es ea ee aa ae More >

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aselgeia asepticizes asereje asec asemasta asex aserts asegarce aser aselia

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vasopeptidase sublease tightsplease timebase termbase raffinase elongase wchase skillbase nanase

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Words containing ase

peasedown fiasella leaseholders waset hasem masetto erysipelases phraseograms badrasen artaserse

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