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Attest Definition of Attest by Merriam-Webster
Definition of attest. transitive verb. 1a : to affirm to be true or genuine; specifically : to authenticate by signing as a witnessb : to authenticate officially. 2 : to establish or verify the usage of The first use of the word “Internet” is attested in 1985.

Attest Define Attest at
to bear witness to; certify; declare to be correct, true, or genuine; declare the truth of, in words or writing, especially affirm in an official capacity: to attest the truth of a statement. 2. to give proof or evidence of; manifest: His works attest his industry.

Attest - definition of attest by The Free Dictionary
at·test (?-t?st′) v. at·test·ed, at·test·ing, at·tests 1. To affirm to be correct, true, or genuine: The date of the painting was attested by the ...

Attest legal definition of attest -
Definition of attest in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is attest? Meaning of attest as a legal term.

Attestation legal definition of attestation
An attestation is a declaration by a witness that an instrument has been executed in his or her presence according to the formalities required by law. It is not the same as an Acknowledgment, a statement by the maker of a document that verifies its authenticity.

Attest definition of attest by Medical dictionary
Looking for online definition of attest in the Medical Dictionary? attest explanation free. What is attest? Meaning of attest medical term. What does attest mean?

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The word attes uses 5 letters.

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setta staet state taets taset taste tates teast teats testa tetas tsate atest eastt estat etats satte

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Y Add - yeatts sayett stayte tastey
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tete stat stte stss sate aett eets tse More >

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attest attestifying attester attestations attestors atteshlis attesting attesters atteste attested

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coattes chattes dolcelattes rabattes alyattes stattes cattes shmattes sabattes glattes

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counterattestation wattest schiattesi underattested ehattesaht mattessons coattest unattested lattest unattestable

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