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Babel Define Babel at
Babel definition, Isaak Emmanuilovich [ahy-zuh k;; Russian ee-sahk yi-muh-noo- yee-luh-vyich] /?a? z?k;; Russian i?s?k y? m? nu?yi l? vy?t?/ (Show IPA), ...

Babel - definition of babel by The Free Dictionary
In the Bible, a city (now thought to be Babylon) in Shinar where God confounded a presumptuous attempt to build a tower into heaven by confusing the language ...

Babel definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Babel definition: If there is a babel of voices, you hear a lot of people talking at the same time, so that... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

babel Definition of babel in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of babel - a confused noise made by a number of voices.

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The word babele uses 6 letters.

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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

labeeb baebel beable

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abbeel bbeela beelab eelabb elabbe labbee More >
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M Add - beebalm
N Add - enbable ableben
R Add - beblear baebler baerbel
T Add - babelet
U Add - lebaube
Z Add - belzeba

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beal bla belbe lel aabab More >

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