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Backberend Definition of Backberend by Merriam-Webster
Backberend definition is - having in one's possession ?used of a person carrying away stolen property.

Backbite Definition of Backbite by Merriam-Webster
Backbite definition is - to say mean or spiteful things about a person (such as someone who is not present). How to use backbite in a ... backberend · backbite.

Backbend Definition of Backbend by Merriam-Webster
Backbend definition is - a movement (as in gymnastics) in which from a standing position with the knees straight the body is arched backward until ... backberend.

Backdation [Securities Law] Law and Legal Definition USLegal, Inc.
Backdation is a securities law term. It is a fee paid by the securities seller to the buyer, so that the buyer will allow delivery after the original delivery date. It is also  ...

Backchannel Diplomacy Law and Legal Definition USLegal, Inc.
Backchannel diplomacy refers to secret lines of communication held open between two adversaries. It is often communicated through an informal intermediary ...

Back-to-Work Agreement Law and Legal Definition USLegal, Inc.
Back-to-work agreement is a contract between a union and an employer. A back- to-work agreement covers the terms under which the employees will return to ...

Backdoor Law and Legal Definition USLegal, Inc.
Backdoor is also called a trapdoor. Backdoor is an undocumented method of bypassing normal authentication or securing remote access to a computer. In other ...

What is FURTUM? definition of FURTUM (Black's Law Dictionary)
Definition of FURTUM: Lat. Theft. The fraudulent appropriation to one's self of the property ofanother, with an intention to commit theft without the consent of the ...

A law dictionary containing definitions of the terms and phrases of ...
BACKBEREND. Sax. Bearing upon the back or ...... to define what belong exclusively to the one and not to the other cia s of laws,. 4 Wheat. 122,. In olvency  ...

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abbcdeeknr bbcdeeknra bcdeeknrab cdeeknrabb deeknrabbc eeknrabbcd eknrabbcde knrabbcdee nrabbcdeek rabbcdeekn More >
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encc nandar dna kena kkcc ndered candra nebe bdb edaran rebana deae kannen nerea anan racan cre barara draabe nacab daddae derrek abnaa kabena ebnc redcar neera knr cdk neder carded adab nadca kekr reared More >

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