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Mar 27, 2018 · Categories: . Danish terms derived from the PIE root *bʰer-Danish terms derived from Old Danish; Danish terms derived from Old Norse; Danish terms derived from Proto-Germanic

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Nov 26, 2018 · 103 reviews of Baere Brewing Company "These days it feels like the beer at most breweries is more alike then different. Everyone has an IPA, a porter, a wheat, an amber, blah, blah, blah. These are all well and fine and sometimes a brewery really…

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There are hints of affinity in the terms used for these partnerships: baere is also romantic partner and kale is a term for spouse.

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abeer abere arbee baree beare beera berea breea erbea rabee raebe reeba

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abeer beera eerab erabe rabee More >
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S Add - rebase sabeer sebrae sebrea barese baseer bearse beaser bersea bresea
T Add - rebate rebeat erbeta arbete atrebe bartee bateer batere beater berate bertea betear terabe
U Add - rubeae aubree bereau
V Add - abreve bareev beaver bevera
W Add - webera aweber berewa beware
Y Add - raybee ebayer eyebar ayerbe baeyer
Z Add - zeebra zereba barzee bazeer beazer bereza brazee breeza

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eab bbb baba ebra arrr More >

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baeren baerental baerenreiter baerends

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