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Define beal: to swell and become infected : suppurate, fester ? beal in a sentence

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Beal definition, a god of the ancient Celts, a personification of the sun. See more.

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Define Beal. Beal synonyms, Beal pronunciation, Beal translation, English dictionary definition of Beal. n. 1. A small inflammatory tumor; a pustule. v. i. 1.

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Immediately to the south of the cave is the dell called Beal(ach)-nam-Bo, or "Cattle Pass," through which were driven to the refuge of the Trossachs the herds lifted ...

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Definition of beal in the dictionary. Meaning of beal. What does beal mean? Information and translations of beal in the most comprehensive dictionary ...

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Beale definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

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In his 1889 classic The Useful Native Plants of Australia, J. H. Maiden describes a drink known as beal or bool, prepared in tarnuks the large wooden bowls seen in ...

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Beal definition: Noun:Crew of rich guys just who dominate the 858 and Beer Pong.Verb:Word familiar with explain the action of making anything or some body.Word Origin ...

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bealfeld bealtaine beals bealoideas bealtared bealieve bealeton bealdred bealth bealeave

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krambeal mcbeal jbeal mbeal kbeal graybeal warracknabeal

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mcbealers libeals basbeall gebealogy

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