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Berend dictionary definition berend defined
(third-person singular simple present berends, present participle berending, simple past and past participle berent) To rend or tear severely; tear badly; rip all over.

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berend definition: generally utilized a name for pimps, gangsters, and really hot men.

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Definitions of berend, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of berend, analogical dictionary of berend (English)

Backberend Definition of Backberend by Merriam-Webster
Define backberend: having in one's possession ?used of a person carrying away stolen property

Rend dictionary definition rend defined
When you rip up a piece of fabric into multiple pieces, this is an example of a time when you rend the fabric. When you yank money out of your friend's hands despite ...

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The word berend uses 6 letters.

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debern denber dreben rebend bedern bedner bender bendre berden breden brende

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bdeenr deenrb eenrbd enrbde nrbdee rbdeen More >
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A Add - bardeen bearden beerand benarde bendera berenda bradeen braeden brandee breaden breedan redbean ndereba badener
S Add - benders berends berndes bredsen
T Add - bendert berendt betrend tenebrd derbent
U Add - bendure beunder burdeen nubreed drueben
Y Add - enderby bendery bendrey deberny

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nebe bdb neder beerb dered dbr More >

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berendes berendonck berendrecht berendzen berendsen berendo berendei berends berenda berendonk

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backberend tiberend

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