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Catechu Definition of Catechu by Merriam-Webster
Catechu definition is - any of several dry, earthy, or resinous astringent substances obtained from tropical plants of Asia: such as.

Catechu Define Catechu at
Catechu definition, any of several astringent substances obtained from various tropical plants, especially from the wood of two East Indian acacias, Acacia ...

Catechu definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Catechu definition: a water-soluble astringent resinous substance obtained from any of certain tropical... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

catechu Definition of catechu in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of catechu - a vegetable extract containing tannin, especially one obtained from the heartwood of an Indian acacia tree, used for tanning and d.

Catechu definition of catechu by Medical dictionary
Looking for online definition of catechu in the Medical Dictionary? catechu explanation free. What is catechu? Meaning of catechu medical term. What does  ...

Acacia catechu definition of Acacia catechu by Medical dictionary
Looking for online definition of Acacia catechu in the Medical Dictionary? Acacia catechu explanation free. What is Acacia catechu? Meaning of Acacia catechu ...

Black catechu - definition of black catechu by The Free Dictionary
Define black catechu. black catechu synonyms, black catechu pronunciation, black catechu translation, English dictionary definition of black catechu. Noun 1.

Acacia catechu - Dictionary Definition :
Another beautiful tree which is found in this lower part is the Acacia catechu, known in Northern India as the Khair tree, and found all about the foothills of the ...

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accehtu ccehtua cehtuac ehtuacc htuacce tuacceh uacceht More >
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chateu thaha hecte tete More >

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catechumenship catechus catechumenal catechumenism catechumens catechumenical catechumenates catechumenate catechunienate catechumenically

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pyrocatechuic protocatechualdehyde protocatechuic

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