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Cheroot definition, a cigar having open, untapered ends. See more.

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Almereyda exclaims when the filmmaker materializes, an unlit cheroot in his mouth. ? New York Times, "Review: A Godard Film About Making Movies Arrives in New York," 12 July 2018 Not lumpia Shanghai, spring rolls as skinny as cheroots, the ground pork inside flecked with deliquescing fat.

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Define cheroot. cheroot synonyms, cheroot pronunciation, cheroot translation, English dictionary definition of cheroot. also she·root n. A cigar with square-cut ends. n a cigar with both ends cut off squarely n. a cigar having open, untapered ends.

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Definition of cheroot - a cigar with both ends open. Definition of cheroot - a cigar with both ends open. ... Definition of cheroot in English: cheroot. noun. ... ‘Cigars, cheroots and cigarillos of tobacco or tobacco substitutes which have been exempt so far shall attract 16% CENVAT.’ ...

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Definition of cheroot from the Collins English Dictionary Square brackets [ ] Square brackets are used, usually in books and articles, when supplying words that make a quotation clearer or that comment on it, although they were not originally said or written.

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