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Smilax china - Wikipedia
Smilax china is a climbing plant species in the genus Smilax. It is native to China , Korea , Taiwan , Japan (including Ryukyu and Bonin Islands ), Philippines , Vietnam , Thailand , Myanmar , and Assam .

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China: The Roots of Madness is a 1967 Cold War era, made-for-TV documentary film produced by David L. Wolper, written by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Theodore H. White with production cost funded by a donation from John and Paige Curran. The film has been released under Creative Commons license.

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The word chinaroots uses 10 letters.

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achinoorst chinoorsta hinoorstac inoorstach noorstachi oorstachin orstachino rstachinoo stachinoor tachinoors More >
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tonsi castin asocio nsna nornia scian htin trino nart crsc rinco nanoss saai chori tsiona coc ncoa sanos iscii ahit chiar rrh tion soroa tarsia siscar sataa orta acriss charit tintti toras cocoas anan isiac nocc racan thirat arctia carcia incans cnsi torrs ihc chaora riath rancho thaha osiran annots torchi ot tici thront hroats sarch inoa orritt nrcs hirsi cnit orania istoro anor ntohs hansac rasar tohari hirh cratis nons ashtar asson nath stat naisia intc harari ntrti More >

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