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Comonomer Definition of Comonomer by Merriam-Webster
Another word for ‘a person who travels to an area of warmth and sun, especially in winter’ is a:

Silane Crosslinked Polyethylene from Different Commercial ...
Silane Crosslinked Polyethylene from Different Commercial PE’s: Influence of Comonomer, Catalyst Type and Evaluation of HLPB as Crosslinking Coagent

Comonomer species (α-olefin) and physical properties
In order to improve the quality of LLDPE, a comonomer is generally selected and added for the modification of strength. It is general practice to copolymerize PE with a comonomer having high molecula weight to improve mechanical strength.

Poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate average Mn 500 ...
Packaging 100, 500 mL in glass bottle Application Comonomer in emulsion polymerization, thickener and dispersant and suspending aid.

Dimer acid, hydrogenated average Mn ~570 Sigma-Aldrich
Application Comonomer in polyesters, polyamides and polyurethanes. General description Improves flexibility, toughness, impact resistance, dyeability and hydrolytic stability of polymers.

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The word comonomer uses 9 letters.

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