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Kopin Corporation - Capabilities - Display
Raytheon’s Light Thermal Weapon Sight (LTWS) Raytheon's light thermal weapon sight (LTWS) combines Raytheon's advanced thermal imaging technology and Kopin's CyberDisplay 640M LV to give soldiers the ability to shoot equally well during the day or night, through battlefield obscurants, in adverse weather and in zero-illumination situations.

Kopin Corporation - Offerings - Products - ASIC Products
A230. The A230 is a highly integrated driver IC that supports Kopin's CyberDisplay ® WQVGA LVS color display. It is designed to accept BT656 digital video source and generate timing and analog RGB input for the display.

Hardware Technology that leads to deep Immersion in 3D Web ...
MyVu‘s Video Cyberdisplay goggles.. You can connect this video player to your iPhone or iPod. Soon we’ll be able to connect it to the net, and surf 3D websites with it. Even Paris Hilton tried this personal media viewer by Myvu!

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