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Descend Definition of Descend by Merriam-Webster
Descend definition is - to pass from a higher place or level to a lower one. How to use descend in a sentence.

Descent Definition of Descent by Merriam-Webster
Descent definition is - derivation from an ancestor : birth, lineage. How to use descent in a sentence.

Decent Definition of Decent by Merriam-Webster
Decent definition is - appropriate. How to use decent in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of decent.

DECENT definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
decent meaning: 1. socially acceptable or good: 2. dressed or wearing clothes: 3. acceptable, satisfactory, or reasonable: . Learn more.

Descent Define Descent at
Descent definition, the act, process, or fact of moving from a higher to a lower position. See more.

Decent Define Decent at
Decent definition, conforming to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, etc., as in behavior or speech. See more.

descend Definition of descend in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of descend - move or fall downwards, (of a road, path, or flight of steps) slope or lead downwards, make a sudden attack on, be a blood relativ.

decent Definition of decent in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of decent - conforming with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behaviour, of an acceptable standard; satisfactory.

Decent - definition of decent by The Free Dictionary
Define decent. decent synonyms, decent pronunciation, decent translation, English dictionary definition of decent. adj. 1. a. Characterized by conformity to ...

Decent dictionary definition decent defined - YourDictionary
The definition of decent is someone or something that is respectable, modest, proper, or fair and kind. An example of decent is using appropriate language in a  ...

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The word decend uses 6 letters.

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decended decending decends
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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

denced nceded

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cddeen ddeenc deencd eencdd encdde ncddee More >
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A Add - acended
O Add - encoded onceded
S Add - scended decends descend
U Add - unceded

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decendend decendends decendents decendence decendaants decendent decendant decendency decends decendants

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