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Descend Definition of Descend by Merriam-Webster
Wait for the elevator to descend. The workers descended into the hole. A herd of goats descended into the valley. The airplane will descend to a lower altitude soon. Descending the mountain was even more dangerous than climbing it. The children descended the staircase silently. The path descends to the river. The stairs descended into the tunnel.

Descendant Definition of Descendant by Merriam-Webster
Did You Know? Descendant is the opposite of ancestor.Your grandparents' descendants are those who are descended from them?your parents, your brothers and sisters, and any children that any of …

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The word decendend uses 9 letters.

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C D D D E E E N N anagram solver >

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cdddeeenn dddeeennc ddeeenncd deeenncdd eeenncddd eenncddde enncdddee nncdddeee ncdddeeen More >
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encc endec More >

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