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Descend Definition of Descend by Merriam-Webster
Descend definition is - to pass from a higher place or level to a lower one. How to use descend in a sentence.

Descend To Definition of Descend To by Merriam-Webster
Descend to definition is - to become owned by (someone) when the former owner has died : to become an inheritance to. How to use descend to in a sentence.

Descend Define Descend at
Descend definition, to go or pass from a higher to a lower place; move or come down: to descend from the mountaintop. See more.

DESCEND definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
descend meaning: 1. to go or come down: 2. If darkness or night descends, it becomes dark and day changes to night.3. If a negative or bad feeling descends,  ...

descend (verb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary
Define descend (verb) and get synonyms. What is descend (verb)? descend ( verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

descend Definition of descend in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of descend - move or fall downwards, (of a road, path, or flight of steps) slope or lead downwards, make a sudden attack on, be a blood relativ.

Descend - definition of descend by The Free Dictionary
Define descend. descend synonyms, descend pronunciation, descend translation, English dictionary definition of descend. v. de·scend·ed , de·scend·ing  ...

descend - Dictionary Definition :
In its simplest sense, descend means to go or move downward, but there are a couple of subtle variations on this theme. Yes, a bird can descend from the sky, ...

Descending definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Descending definition: When a group of things is listed or arranged in descending order , each thing is smaller... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...

Descend dictionary definition descend defined - YourDictionary
A woman descending some stairs. Licensed from iStockPhoto. verb. To descend is defined as to go downward, to become lower in pitch, reaching an ...

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descended descending descends
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scended decends

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cddeens ddeensc deenscd eenscdd enscdde nscddee scddeen More >
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descendandants descendentalism descendente descendability descendance descendental descendints descendit descendence descendue

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predescend condescend redescend

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undescendable undescendent uncondescending condescendingly redescends condescendent condescendith redescended codescendant condescended

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