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Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction. ... Critical design uses designed artifacts as an embodied critique or commentary on existing values, morals, and practices in a culture.

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the design of the building?s lobby encourages the free flow of traffic Synonyms of design arrangement , composition , configuration , constellation , form , format , getup , layout , makeup , ordonnance , pattern

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The word desigend uses 8 letters.

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D D E E G I N S anagram solver >

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8 spelling changes that would make English easier

giddenes deisgned desgiend desgined designed desinged

Word scramble of desigend

ddeegins deeginsd eeginsdd eginsdde ginsddee insddeeg nsddeegi sddeegin More >
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C Add - decdesign
W Add - weddinges
X Add - dexsigned

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essie gegen gidden sesnei seeed eies eddini snsg ngengi gden snene senne neni idi ssin sinis More >

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