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Digest Define Digest at
Digest definition, to convert (food) in the alimentary canal into absorbable form for assimilation into the system. See more.

Summary Define Summary at
1. outline, precis. Summary, brief, digest, synopsis are terms for a short version of a longer work. A summary is a brief statement or restatement of main points, ...

Digest Definition of Digest by Merriam-Webster
Define digest: a summation or condensation of a body of information: such as ? digest in a sentence.

Digest - definition of digest by The Free Dictionary
v. di·gest·ed, di·gest·ing, di·gests. 1. To convert (food) into simpler chemical compounds that can be absorbed and assimilated by an organism, as by ...

digest - Dictionary Definition :
When your stomach breaks down food, it digests it. To digest is to process food so it can be absorbed into the body or information so the mind can absorb it.

Digest legal definition of digest - Legal Dictionary - The Free Dictionary
Digest. A collection or compilation that embodies the chief matter of numerous books, articles, court decisions, and so on, disposed under proper heads or titles, ...

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dedits disted editds seddit siddet

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essie diets tei seeed eies ted tete estis idi stte tsti stss tedi sid idii dei ssd More >

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