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Distend definition, to expand by stretching, as something hollow or elastic: Habitual overeating had distended his stomach. See more.

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The word distend uses 7 letters.

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distended distending distends
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7 spelling changes that would make English easier

tiddens identds dendist

Word scramble of distend

ddeinst deinstd einstdd instdde nstddei stddein tddeins More >
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A Add - ndidates dandiest
U Add - dudinets

Short words found in distend

didest essie diets tei sesnei seeed eies tintti teisen eddini ted tete snene senne estis tested neni idi ssin sinis More >

Words starting with distend

distender distendedly distending distends distended

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Words ending in distend

redistend overdistend undistend

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Words containing distend

predistending undistended

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