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Doina Definition of Doina by Merriam-Webster
Define doina: a Romanian folk song usually in the form of a lament.

Macedoine Definition of Macedoine by Merriam-Webster
Define macedoine: a confused mixture : medley ? macedoine in a sentence. ... macedoine. play · noun ma·ce·doine \ ?ma-s?-?dwan \. Examples: macedoine ...

Affair Definition of Affair by Merriam-Webster
Define affair: commercial, professional, public, or personal business; matter, concern ... affairs : work or activities done for a purpose : commercial, professional, ...

Macedoine Define Macedoine at
Macedoine definition, a mixture of fruits or vegetables, often served as a salad. See more. ... Cite This Source. Examples from the Web for macedoine. Expand.

Macedoine - definition of macedoine by The Free Dictionary
Define macedoine. macedoine synonyms, macedoine pronunciation, macedoine translation, English dictionary definition of macedoine. n. 1. ... mac·e·doine ...

Hora dictionary definition hora defined
hora definition: Hora is defined as a Romanian and Israeli folk dance which is performed ... Thus also the popular songs of Rumania, the " doine," the " hora," the ...

Macedoine dictionary definition macedoine defined - YourDictionary
mac·e·doine. Use macedoine in a sentence. a mixture of diced fruits or vegetables served as a cocktail, salad, garnish, etc. a medley. Origin of macedoine.

Done - Definition and misspellings for done at
Common misspellings for done: ... Definition of done: ... But of course I saw at once that there was nothing to be done ? "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes .

The word letters
The word doine uses 5 letters.

The letters used in doine

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No relate anagrams for doine found in this word list.
Direct anagrams of doine

5 spelling changes that would make English easier

ideon indeo indoe inode ioden ioned niode noide oined ondie deino deion denio denoi dineo dione donie edoin edoni endoi

Word scramble of doine

deino einod inode nodei odein More >
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A Add - aidone daoine denoia idonea noaide oenida onedia oneida onieda
B Add - bedoin bedoni binode bionde bodine bondie bonide debion dobein dobine nebido
C Add - cedoin codein codine coinde coined condie decino decion decoin dencio diceon edicon incode indeco nodice noiced
P Add - depino openid opined pedion penido penodi pinedo pioden pioned podein podien podine poined ponied
R Add - deniro derion deroin dieron dinero dioner donier dorien dorine dornei dornie endrio idreno idrone indore ironed nirode nodier nordie odenir oderin ordine redino redoni ridone riendo rodine
S Add - deinos deions dieson diseno donsie edison edonis edsion eidson enodis ideson inodes isdone noised onside osinde seidon seonid sidone siendo sioned
T Add - dinote ditone editon edtion intoed iodent ointed tenido tidone tioned
U Add - dounie udenio
V Add - devino enovid envoid indevo invode nevoid vendio venido videon viendo vondie
W Add - downie woendi wondie
X Add - denoix dexion dionex indoex inodex
Y Add - idoney oeyind
Z Add - denzio donzie

Short words found in doine

neni idi idii dei dono onni odd oddi nie dino innd oei onoe on More >

Words starting with doine


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Words ending in doine

macedoine cassidoine idoine boldoine

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Words containing doine

ardoines macedoines

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