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Ease Definition of Ease by Merriam-Webster
Ease definition is - the state of being comfortable: such as. How to use ease in a sentence.

Eases - definition of eases by The Free Dictionary
Define eases. eases synonyms, eases pronunciation, eases translation, English dictionary definition of eases. n. 1. The condition of being comfortable or ...

ease (verb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary
Define ease (verb) and get synonyms. What is ease (verb)? ease (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

EASE definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
ease meaning: 1. to make or become less severe, difficult, unpleasant, painful, etc.: 2. to move or to make something move slowly and carefully in a particular ...

Ease Define Ease at
Ease definition, freedom from labor, pain, or physical annoyance; tranquil rest; comfort: to enjoy one's ease. See more.

Ease up Define Ease up at
Ease up definition, freedom from labor, pain, or physical annoyance; tranquil rest; comfort: to enjoy one's ease. See more.

ease Definition of ease in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of ease - absence of difficulty or effort. ... 'I was always vexed by her self -contained ease'. More example sentences. 'Her face portrayed a picture of ...

ease - Dictionary Definition :
Ease means to lessen or release, often making something possible in the meantime. When you put someone at their ease, you lessen their discomfort.

Ease dictionary definition ease defined - YourDictionary
Ease is defined as comfort, relaxation and freedom from pain, stress or anxiety. An example of ease is how someone feels after receiving positive test results.

Ease definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Ease definition: If you talk about the ease of a particular activity, you are referring to the way that it... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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The word eases uses 5 letters.

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ease eased easing
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seaes sease

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aeess eessa essae ssaee saees More >
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T Add - eastes seaste seates seesat asseet teases
U Add - easeus aussee
V Add - esseva savees avesse
W Add - weases seesaw
X Add - seaxes
Y Add - eassey eesays essaye eyases

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easesoft easeshe

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teases antiproteases forreases deases ribonucleases encreases greases deacreases ereleases pleases

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diseasese ceasessee releasesghenna releasesed releasesnew cheasesteak increasesand leasesthose ceasescu releasesd

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