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Baseball Definition of Baseball by Merriam-Webster
Define baseball: a game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players each on a large field having four bases… ? baseball in a sentence

Ball scuffing - definition of Ball scuffing by The Free ...
Define Ball scuffing. Ball scuffing synonyms, Ball scuffing pronunciation, Ball scuffing translation, English dictionary definition of Ball scuffing. n. 1.

Walk-off - definition of walk-off by The Free Dictionary
Relating to or being a hit or play that causes enough runs to be scored to end the game: a walk-off home run; a walk-off walk. [Because the teams walk off the field ...

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The word eball uses 5 letters.

The letters used in eball

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abell albel label lable lebal balle beall belal bella

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abell bella ellab llabe label More >
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M Add - lambel lamble emball mabell mbella ballem
N Add - leblan llbean allenb ballen bellan blalne
O Add - abello lobale balelo bollea oballe
P Add - pabell
Q Add - qlabel
R Add - abrell llebar baller barell bellar breall brella
S Add - labels lables eballs seball asbell balles basell bealls bellas
T Add - ballet batell batlle tabell tlabel
U Add - luable balule bellau bellua blauel bullae
V Add - ballve belval
W Add - ballew bewall
X Add - xlabel baxell
Y Add - ylabel abelly ellaby allbye alleby balley bellay
Z Add - zabell zlabel azbell bazell

Short words found in eball

beal bla lel eab bbb ble baba blae alll More >

Words starting with eball

eballs eballot eballe

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Words ending in eball

glueball gnomeball sleazeball baseball houseball caseball whiffleball typeball futeball scuffleball

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Words containing eball

whiteballed sleazeballs iceballs stoneballs beballed knuckleballer preballoting hareballs glueballs reballot

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