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Edenic - definition of Edenic by The Free Dictionary
Before the Once-ler''s arrival, the Lorax''s domain is an Edenic paradise, all rolling green hills and crystal-clear lakes, populated by Cute critters such as the aptly named HummingFish and the bearlike Bar-ba-loots, which perform roughly the same sight-gag functions here that the Minions did in "Despicable Me.

Ennead - definition of ennead by The Free Dictionary
Define ennead. ennead synonyms, ennead pronunciation, ennead translation, English dictionary definition of ennead. n. A group or set of nine. n 1. a group or series of nine 2. the sum of or number nine ˌenneˈadic adj n. a group of nine persons, things, or deities.

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The word edenians uses 8 letters.

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adenines andesine

Word scramble of edenians

adeeinns deeinnsa eeinnsad einnsade innsadee nnsadeei nsadeein sadeeinn More >
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Add one letter to the 'ADEEINNS' letters

V Add - adveniens devensian
W Add - niesewand dewannies
Z Add - danzeisen

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eniaia nsna essie dna nanase saai sesnei seeed eies deae anan eddini daddae assend diani seidai snene dani senne naisia neni idi ssin More >

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