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Medical Definition of Edema - MedicineNet
Medical Definition of Edema. Edema: The swelling of soft tissues as a result of excess fluid accumulation. Edema is often most prominent in the lower legs and feet ...

Edema definition of edema by Medical dictionary
Looking for online definition of edema in the Medical Dictionary? edema explanation free. What is edema? Meaning of edema medical term. What does edema mean?

Emma Define Emma at
Emma definition, a female given name, form of Erma. See more.

Medical Definition of Pitting edema - MedicineNet
Medical Definition of Pitting edema. Pitting edema: Observable swelling of body tissues due to fluid accumulation that may be demonstrated by applying pressure to the ...

Extravasation definition of extravasation by Medical dictionary
extravasation [eks-trav″ah-za´shun] 1. a discharge or escape, as of blood, from a vessel into the tissues. 2. the inadvertent administration of a vesicant into the ...

Concentric - definition of concentric by The Free Dictionary
And still in the distracted distance we beheld the tumults of the outer concentric circles, and saw successive pods of whales, eight or ten in each, swiftly going ...

Hebrew Define Hebrew at
Hebrew definition, a member of the Semitic peoples inhabiting ancient Palestine and claiming descent from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; an Israelite. See more.

Mom Definition of Mom by Merriam-Webster
Desai began working in the kitchen years ago as a stay-at-home mom and cook who initially branched out into catering and food preparation for the sick before taking ...

The word letters
The word eema uses 4 letters.

The letters used in eema

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4 spelling changes that would make English easier

aeem amee eaem eame eeam emae emea maee meae

Word scramble of eema

aeem eema emae maee More >
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N Add - ameen amene aneme eeman emane emena ename enema maeen manee meane meena naeem namee neame neema nemea
P Add - emeap
R Add - ameer amree armee eamer emera maere maree meare meera merae merea raeme ramee reame reema
S Add - aseem eames emesa esame esema maese mease saeem samee seame seema
T Add - ameet amete ateme emate etame eteam matee meate meeat meeta metae metea teeam teema temae
V Add - maeve meave
W Add - weema
X Add - emaxe exame
Y Add - aymee eemya mayee
Z Add - azeem meeza zaeem

Short words found in eema

amm aee mm ame mee eme ema mam eaa aea eem emm mem maa ama me am aam More >

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Words ending in eema

aleema ieema dyneema freema cheema kheema feema sheema keema bheema

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Words containing eema

freemade treemaker szeemann freemarket fleeman coffeemaster freematrix sleeman freemanto freeman

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