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Elaps Definition of Elaps by Merriam-Webster
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Elapsed Define Elapsed at
Elapsed definition, (of time) to slip or pass by: Thirty minutes elapsed before the performance began. See more.

Elapse Define Elapse at
Elapse definition, (of time) to slip or pass by: Thirty minutes elapsed before the performance began. See more.

Elaps Definition of Elaps by Merriam-Webster
Elaps definition is - a genus (the type of the family Elapidae) of venomous snakes formerly including many of the groove-fanged snakes (such as those now placed in Micrurus) but now usually restricted to a few garter snakes of southern Africa.

Elapse Definition of Elapse by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web: Verb. Try not to let more than four hours elapse between meals and make sure each meal includes protein, for an extra metabolic boost. ? Redbook, "23 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Increase Metabolism," 26 July 2017 Lots of discussion these days about how to speed up the game of baseball, from the length of …

Elaps - definition of Elaps by The Free Dictionary
Lovingly described as the ELAPs 'Wardrobe Witch" a simple but superb tribute was given to her in the programme notes for this years annual production held as usual in the village hall and which attracted capacity audiences for all five evening performances and the matinee on the Saturday.

Elaps definition of Elaps by Medical dictionary
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Elapse - definition of elapse by The Free Dictionary
Define elapse. elapse synonyms, elapse pronunciation, elapse translation, English dictionary definition of elapse. intr.v. e·lapsed , e·laps·ing , e·laps·es To slip by; pass: Weeks elapsed before we could start renovating.

Elapsed dictionary definition elapsed defined
Two or three years elapsed before Luther began to be generally known and to exercise a perceptible influence upon affairs. When the twenty minutes had elapsed and the time had come for the old prince to get up, Tikhon came to call the young prince to his father.

What is Elapsed Time? - Definition & Examples - Video ...
- Definition & Examples Elapsed time is simply the amount of time that passes from the beginning of an event to its end. In this lesson, you …

What is elapsed time? definition and meaning ...
You need to be able to figure out the elapsed time a job may take so you can put out a correct release date. 17 people found this helpful If you want to put out a release saying you will have a new product on a certain day you …

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The word elaps uses 5 letters.

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selpa sepal sepla slape spale speal spela alpes alsep lapse aples leaps lepas aspel lpase pales peals pelas plaes plase pleas plesa plsae elspa epals salep salpe saple

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aelps elpsa lpsae psael saelp More >
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T Add - pealts peltas petals petlas plaste plates pleats lapset lesapt sealpt aplets septal aspelt spalte spatel spelat spelta stapel staple talpes tepals palest palets pastel patels
U Add - pelusa apulse upsale upseal paules paulse
V Add - pelvas vespal pavels
W Add - waples pawels
Y Add - playes eplays sapley aplsey apsley aspley paleys palsey pasley
Z Add - plazes plesza

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pppl lpa lss lel slpp paea eeps pesp sepe spae lals epal plae elps spap lsl alll spea pale slps spla More >

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elapsing elapso elapsid elapsoides elapsed elapse elapsoidea elapses

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rhynchoelaps lelaps tropilaelaps aspidelaps homorelaps laelaps

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Words containing elaps

delapsions norselapsis relapsers relapse prelapsarian irrelapsable relapses delapsion relapser unrelapsing

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