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Empaling Define Empaling at
Empaling definition, impale (defs 1?5). See more.

Empaling - definition of empaling by The Free Dictionary
im·pale. (?m-p?l′) also em·pale (?m-). tr.v. im·paled, im·pal·ing, im·pales also em· paled or em·pal·ing or em·pales. 1. To pierce with a sharp stake or point. 2.

Empaistic - definition of Empaistic by The Free Dictionary
a. 1. (Fine Arts) Having to do with inlaid work; - especially used with reference to work of the ancient Greeks. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, ...

Empale - definition of empale by The Free Dictionary
2. to pierce with a sharpened stake thrust up through the body. 3. to make helpless as if pierced through. 4. to combine (coats of arms) on a shield with a pale ...

Empanel - definition of empanel by The Free Dictionary
vb (tr) , -els, -elling or -elled, -els, -eling or -eled. 1. (Law) to enter on a list (names of persons to be summoned for jury service). 2. (Law) to select (a jury) from the ...

pale (verb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary
Define pale (verb) and get synonyms. What is pale (verb)? pale (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

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The word empall uses 6 letters.

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A E L L M P anagram solver >

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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

pellam lampel lample pamell

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aellmp ellmpa llmpae lmpael mpaell paellm More >
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R Add - lamprel rampell
T Add - lamplet
U Add - laplume puellam
Y Add - lampley plymale

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pppl lpa lel epm leeam amap paea ameem More >

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