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Estis definition: Estis implies great in modern-day Latin

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Meaning of ESTIS. What does ESTIS stand for? ESTIS abbreviation. Define ESTIS at Menu Search. New ... Abbreviation to define. Find. abbreviation;

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But like the Apostles frightened by the storm, we should be able to hear that sweet and manly voice: Quid timidi estis, modicae fidei? URGENT The "Reform of the ...

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Christi, caput maritis subjicientes, sic facile et satis eritis ornatae: vestite vos serico probitatis, byssino sanctitatis, purpura pudicitiae; taliter pigmentatae ...

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Define refer: to think of, regard, or classify within a general category or group; to explain in terms of a general cause ? refer in a sentence

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The word estis uses 5 letters.

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seist sesit sesti siest siste sites sseti ssite steis sties tesis tessi tiess isset tisse

Word scramble of estis

eisst isste sstei steis teiss More >
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A Add - easist estais etasis saites sestia asiste siesta sietas sisate stesia tassie tessai
B Add - besits betsis bisset
C Add - sectis sestic tessic cessit citess
D Add - deists desist setsid sidest sidste sisted
U Add - eustis siutes stuies suites suties tissue tisues tussie ussite
V Add - visste vsites sevits stevis stives teviss
W Add - weisst westis wisest witess
X Add - eixsts exists exsist exsits sexist sixtes
Y Add - styies
Z Add - sitzes

Short words found in estis

tei eies tete stte tsti stss esii eets tse teis tiit iti etes More >

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Words ending in estis

onestis huestis alcestis celestis maestis budapestis agrestis funestis jestis herpestis

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Words containing estis

advestisements investissement bestism testisslide mestisos brestisson festish transvestism testisspecific forestish

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