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Extend Definition of Extend by Merriam-Webster
Definition of extend for English Language Learners. : to cause (something, such as your arm or leg) to straighten out or to stretch out. : to become longer or to be able to become longer. : to continue in a specified direction or over a specified distance, space, or time.

Extend - definition of extend by The Free Dictionary
ex·tend (?k-st?nd′) v. ex·tend·ed, ex·tend·ing, ex·tends 1. a. To cause (something) to be longer, wider, or cover more area: extended the subway line ...

Expand Define Expand at
Expand definition, to increase in extent, size, volume, scope, etc.: Heat expands most metals. He hopes to expand his company. See more.

extend - Dictionary Definition :
The verb extend can have several related meanings, including thrust out, continue, broaden, expand, unfold, span, or increase in scope.

Expand Definition of Expand by Merriam-Webster
Define expand: to open up : unfold; to increase the extent, number, volume, or scope of : enlarge ? expand in a sentence

Expand - definition of expand by The Free Dictionary
Define expand. expand synonyms, expand pronunciation, expand translation, English dictionary definition of expand. v. ex·pand·ed , ex·pand·ing , ex·pands v. tr. 1.

Extend definition of extend by Medical dictionary
Looking for online definition of extend in the Medical Dictionary? extend explanation free. What is extend? Meaning of extend medical term. What does extend mean?

extend Definition of extend in English by Oxford ...
Definition of extend - cause to cover a wider area; make larger, hold (something) out towards someone, cause (someone or something) to exert the utmost e

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The word exend uses 5 letters.

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enex xx denx enne xdx end More >

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exendospermous exended exends exendospermic exending exendin

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alexendria alexender

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