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Forfend Definition of Forfend by Merriam-Webster
Forfend comes from for-(an old prefix meaning "so as to involve prohibition, exclusion, omission, failure, neglect, or refusal") and Middle English fenden (a shorter variant of defenden, meaning "to defend").

Forefend - definition of forefend by The Free Dictionary
and I speak out of later knowledge--Heaven forefend me from the most of the average run of male humans who are not good fellows, the ones cold of heart and cold of head who don't smoke, drink, or swear, or do much of anything else that is brase, and resentful, and stinging, because in their feeble fibres there has never been the stir and prod ...

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Forfend me from a man who weighs every expression with Scotch prudence. The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Volume I (of II) Charles Darwin. Of all travelling companionship, forfend us from that of a married man! Early Western Travels, 1748-1846 (Volume XXVI) Various.

Forefend Define Forefend at
But every one finds himself asking by what means it would be possible to forefend some of these evils.

Forefend legal definition of forefend - Legal Dictionary
I was sorely tempted to ask the good doctor whether the fact that he was obviously overweight and out-of-shape meant simply that he had never tried The Atkins Diet himself, or that, heaven forefend, he was simply the one failure.

Forefend definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
We use verbs to talk about actions and states. Verbs tenses allow us to talk about the time when the action or state takes place. All main verbs have two simple tenses, the present simple and the ...

forfend Definition of forfend in English by Oxford ...
‘And if, Heaven forfend, these disasters do occur, any Democratic candidate could win next year.’ ‘For a brief time, the film's success will encourage studios to shop around for cheaper, newer, or even, God forefend, Japanese talent.’

forefend - Dictionary Definition :
prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening. Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, can put you on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement.

Heaven forfend - definition of Heaven forfend by The Free ...
Define Heaven forfend. Heaven forfend synonyms, Heaven forfend pronunciation, Heaven forfend translation, English dictionary definition of Heaven forfend. also fore·fend tr.v. for·fend·ed , for·fend·ing , for·fends also fore·fend·ed or fore·fend·ing or fore·fends 1.

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offender offerend reoffend

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ndered fenor nero ornee defen ferror neder dfor More >

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