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Gadfly Definition of Gadfly by Merriam-Webster
Define gadfly: any of various flies (such as a horsefly, botfly, or warble fly) that bite or annoy livestock ? gadfly in a sentence.

Gladly Define Gladly at
Gladly definition, feeling joy or pleasure; delighted; pleased: glad about the good news; glad that you are here. See more.

Gadfly Define Gadfly at
Gadfly definition, any of various flies, as a stable fly or warble fly, that bite or annoy domestic animals. See more.

Godly Define Godly at
Godly definition, conforming to the laws and wishes of God; devout; pious. See more.

gadfly - Dictionary Definition :
A gadfly is an irritating person, a nuisance who will often ask too many questions or lob lots of criticisms in order to get his or her way.

Gladly - definition of gladly by The Free Dictionary
tr. & intr.v. glad·ded, glad·ding, glads Archaic. To gladden. [Middle English, from Old English glæd; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.] glad′ly adv. glad′ness n ...

Gadfly - definition of gadfly by The Free Dictionary
One that acts as a provocative stimulus; a goad. 3. Any of various flies, especially a warble fly, botfly, or horsefly, that bite or annoy livestock and other animals.

Gadfly definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Gadfly definition: If you refer to someone as a gadfly , you believe that they deliberately annoy or... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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glady galdy

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adgly dglya glyad lyadg yadgl More >
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yaga gld ay alll ddy llya aadl agya lly ggaa dgal More >

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