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Geiger Define Geiger at
Geiger definition, Hans [hahns] /h?ns/ (Show IPA), 1882?1947, German physicist . See more.

Geiger counter Define Geiger counter at
Geiger counter definition, an instrument for detecting ionizing radiations, consisting of a gas-filled tube in which electric-current pulses are produced when the ...

Geiger Definition of Geiger by Merriam-Webster
Define Geiger: geiger counter; a particle capable of detection by a Geiger counter .

Geiger Counter Definition of Geiger Counter by Merriam-Webster
Define Geiger counter: an instrument for detecting the presence and intensity of radiations (such as cosmic rays or particles from a radioactive…

Geiger counter definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Geiger counter definition: A Geiger counter is a device which finds and measures radioactivity . Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Geiger-Mueller counter - definition of Geiger-Mueller counter by The ...
Define Geiger-Mueller counter. Geiger-Mueller counter synonyms, Geiger- Mueller counter pronunciation, Geiger-Mueller counter translation, English dictionary ...

The word letters
The word gieger uses 6 letters.

The letters used in gieger

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No relate anagrams for gieger found in this word list.
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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

reggie eggier geiger greige griege

Word scramble of gieger

eeggir eggire ggiree gireeg ireegg reeggi More >
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Add one letter to the 'EEGGIR' letters

A Add - egregia
B Add - gebirge
S Add - geigers greiges iggeres
T Add - geigert gergeti gigtree greetig iggeret
U Add - giguere
V Add - gergiev vieregg

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irre More >

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No anagrams for Words containing gieger

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