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Hellfire Citadel - Zone - World of Warcraft
Comment by Bulo Hellfire Citadel is a planned raid instance to introduced in Warlords of Draenor during patch 6.2.0. It will have 13 bosses Bosses loot tables Hellfire Assault Iron Reaver Hellfire High Council Kormrok Kilrogg Deadeye Gorefiend

Burning Crusade raid instance bosses WoWWiki FANDOM ...
The Curator. The Curator is a large Arcane Guardian that watches over and protects the Menagerie of Karazhan.Since the Menagerie is for guests of the tower only, you and your party are most unwelcome... Terestian Illhoof Edit

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The word gorefiend uses 9 letters.

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D E E F G I N O R anagram solver >

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deefginor eefginord efginorde fginordee ginordeef inordeefg nordeefgi ordeefgin rdeefgino More >
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rnie noodge gegen ggered ndered gidden doine gieger eddini goine fenor nero ngengi ornee defen nrdi dogde godoff ogggoo ferror neder gden ringd gooofo ondego neni idi greigg eief googoi More >

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