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Heart Definition of Heart by Merriam-Webster
1 : a hollow muscular organ of the body that expands and contracts to move blood through the arteries and veins. 2 : something shaped like a heart a Valentine's heart. 3 : a part near the center or deep into the interior They reached the heart of the desert. 4 : the most essential part That's the heart of the problem.

Heart Define Heart at
Heart definition, Anatomy. a hollow, pumplike organ of blood circulation, composed mainly of rhythmically contractile smooth muscle, located in the chest between the ...

Heart - definition of heart by The Free Dictionary
heart (hart) n. 1. Anatomy a. The chambered muscular organ in vertebrates that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby maintaining the flow of ...

Hearts - definition of hearts by The Free Dictionary
Define hearts. hearts synonyms, hearts pronunciation, hearts translation, English dictionary definition of hearts. n. 1. Anatomy a. The chambered muscular organ in ...

Medical Definition of Heart - MedicineNet
Medical Definition of Heart. Heart: The muscle that pumps blood received from veins into arteries throughout the body. The heart is positioned in the chest behind the ...

Heart Definition and Meaning - Bible Dictionary
What is Heart? Definition and meaning:HEART hart (lebh, lebhabh; kardia): The different senses in which the word occurs in the Old Testament and the New Testament may ...

Heart dictionary definition heart defined
The definition of heart is the organ that controls the flow of blood in the body, or the center of human emotion. An example of heart is the organ found in the chest cavity of humans. An example of heart is what you listen to when you make a decision based out of love.

Heart definition of heart by Medical dictionary
Looking for online definition of heart in the Medical Dictionary? heart explanation free. What is heart? Meaning of heart medical term. What does heart mean?

The Heart (Human Anatomy): Diagram, Definition, Location ...
WebMD's Heart Anatomy Page provides a detailed image of the heart and provides information on heart conditions, tests, and treatments.

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The word hearts uses 6 letters.

The letters used in hearts

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6 spelling changes that would make English easier

ratesh earths reshat aherst eshrat eshtar esthar sareth sarthe sather sathre serhat arthes sharet sharte shater ashret shetra athers tasher hartes hasert haster haters hearst thaers hestra theras thersa thresa hraste

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U Add - stehura thesaur huertas authers
V Add - thraves verstah harvest harvets
W Add - swarthe swather thawers wathers wreaths wsather
Y Add - eyharts thayers aethyrs hayters
Z Add - shatzer

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attes raes rrh sataa hreth thaha sesrs rasar tete seher stat stte sears stss ettre sate rashe More >

Words starting with hearts

heartsville heartsinking heartsickening heartshot heartsoft heartsman heartstealer heartstart heartship heartsounds

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ethearts queenofhearts brokenhearts bluehearts wildhearts macwildhearts bravehearts stonyhearts failinghearts dearhearts

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Words containing hearts

unheartsome sweetheartship

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