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The Battle of Brunanburh - California State University ...
Hettend crungun, Sceotta leoda and scipflotan fæge feollan, feld dænnede secga swate, siðþan sunne up on morgentid, mære tungol, ... Brunanburh. They clove the shield-wall, they hewed battle shields with the remnants of hammers, the sons of Eadweard, as befitted their noble descent

hater - Wiktionary
Jul 18, 2018 · One who hates. 1976, Harry R. Boer, A Short History of the Early Church (page 46) In addition to the basic charge that Christians were atheists was the charge that they were also haters of mankind.· (slang, derogatory) One who expresses unfounded or inappropriate hatred or dislike, particularly if motivated by envy.··A piece of clothing ...

The Battle of Brunanburh Flashcards Quizlet
Hettend crungon, horde and home. The enemy perished, Scotta leode and scip-flotan, Scots men and seafarers, faege feollon. Feld dennode. fell fated. The field flowed. secga swate siththan sunne upp. with the blood of warriors from sunrise. on morgen-tid, maere tungol,

The Battle of Brunanburh - University of Virginia
Hettend crungun, Sceotta leoda and scipflotan. fæge feollan, feld dænnede. secga swate, siðþan sunne up. on morgentid, mære tungol, 15 glad ofer grundas, godes condel beorht, eces drihtnes, oð sio æþele gesceaft. sah to setle. Þær læg secg mænig. garum ageted, guma norþerna ...

Tennyson's Translation of "The Battle of Brunanburh"
Tennyson's Translation of "The Battle of Brunanburh" Suzanne Hader '97, English 168, Brown University, 1996 ... Hettend crungon, The enemy perished, Bow'd the spoiler, Scotta leode Scots men: ... Kennings in Tennyson's Translation of "The Battle of Brunanburh" Tennyson's "Brunanburh": Alliteration and Meter ...

Bright's Anglo-Saxon Reader/The Battle of Brunanburh ...
Apr 13, 2012 · The Battle of Brunanburh. ... Hettend crungon. Scotta l?ode and scipflotan, f?ge f?ollan, feld dennode secga sw?te, siþþan sunne ?pp on morgent?d, m?re tungol, gl?d ofer grundas, Godes candel beorht, ?ces Drihtnes, oð s?o æðele gesceaft s?h to setle. ...

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