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Inrooted Definition of Inrooted by Merriam-Webster
Define inrooted: deeply rooted ? inrooted in a sentence.

Unrooted Definition of Unrooted by Merriam-Webster
Define unrooted: not torn up by the roots ?used with out; having no roots : rootless ? unrooted in a sentence.

Unroots - definition of unroots by The Free Dictionary
Define unroots. unroots synonyms, unroots pronunciation, unroots translation, English dictionary definition of unroots. tr.v. un·root·ed ... v.i. 2. to become unrooted.

Unrooted - definition of unrooted by The Free Dictionary
Define unrooted. unrooted synonyms, unrooted pronunciation, unrooted translation, English dictionary definition of unrooted. tr.v. un·root·ed , un·root·ing ...

Unroot Define Unroot at
Unroot definition, to uproot. See more. ... verb (used without object). 2. to become unrooted. Explore · 10 Commonly Misused Words You Should ...

Unrooted dictionary definition unrooted defined
Adjective. (comparative more unrooted, superlative most unrooted). Not rooted · uprooted. Verb. simple past tense and past participle of unroot.

Rooted definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Rooted definition: If you say that one thing is rooted in another, you mean that it is strongly influenced... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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The word inrooted uses 8 letters.

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D E I N O O R T anagram solver >

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rnie trino dirent ndered tei tion tiered tintti doine dorent eddini teodor ot nero treend ted ornee nrdi orritt neder tete ntrti neni idi More >

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