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Interim Definition of Interim by Merriam-Webster
Noun. there was a brief interim in the proceedings while everyone got organized . Adjective. putting up some students in local motels is obviously just an interim solution to the college's housing shortage will serve as interim head of the police department until the investigation is completed

Student Jobs Employment Agency Maastricht University InterUM
InterUM, the employment agency of Maastricht University, connects the employee and the employer as we specialize in finding jobs suitable for our students.

INTERUM Technologies
Programm??ana, in?eniert?kli un tehnolo?isk?s iek?rtas Datorprogrammu izstr?de un uztur??ana In?eniert?klu projekt??ana, izb?ve un b?vuzraudz?ba

Services InterUM
InterUM is Maastricht University's (UM) secondment agency for educational institutions and companies and has a large pool of (international) students and supporting staff.

Interim - Wikipedia
Interim is a word in the English language, which denotes "in or for the intervening period; provisional or temporary.". In projects, an interim report is often compiled to analyze how the project is proceeding, before its final completion. Interim analysis is important in medical trials, to ensure that the patients are not exposed to unnecessary danger during the trial.

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entruim ternium tunmire unmiter unmitre runtime minture minuter muinter

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