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Invertend Definition of Invertend by Merriam-Webster
Invertend definition is - a proposition upon which the operation of inversion is performed.

Invert Definition of Invert by Merriam-Webster
Invert definition is - to reverse in position, order, or relationship. ... applies chiefly to turning upside down or inside out. the number 9 looks like an inverted 6 ...

Inverted Define Inverted at
noun. a person or thing that is inverted. a homosexual. (in plumbing) that portion of the interior of a drain or sewer pipe where the liquid is deepest. an inverted ...

Invent Define Invent at
Invent definition, to originate or create as a product of one's own ingenuity, ... 1425?75; late Middle English invented (past participle) found, discovered (see - ed) ...

invent (verb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary
Define invent (verb) and get synonyms. ... It's one of the most time-saving devices ever invented for cooks. ... Chaplin invented his own unique style of comedy.

Inverted - definition of inverted by The Free Dictionary
Define inverted. inverted synonyms, inverted pronunciation, inverted translation, English dictionary definition of inverted. v. in·vert·ed , in·vert·ing , in·verts v. tr. 1.

Invented - definition of invented by The Free Dictionary
Define invented. invented synonyms, invented pronunciation, invented translation, English dictionary definition of invented. tr.v. in·vent·ed , in·vent·ing , in·vents 1 ...

INVENT definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
Admittedly, there is some interest in the proposal that alphabetical writing might first have been invented to conceal knowledge. From Cambridge English Corpus.

Invent definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
We got to see the people who invented the form. Times, Sunday Times (2016)As soon as adults realise their meaning, they will probably invent new ones.

Invented dictionary definition invented defined - YourDictionary
Adjective. (comparative more invented, superlative most invented). fictional, made up, imaginary. The invented alibi didn't stand up long. Verb. Simple past tense ...

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The word invertend uses 9 letters.

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D E E I N N R T V anagram solver >

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vendirent intervend

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deeinnrtv eeinnrtvd einnrtvde innrtvdee nnrtvdeei nrtvdeein rtvdeeinn tvdeeinnr vdeeinnrt More >
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A Add - innervated

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rnie evette dirent ndered tei tiered tintti eddini invid vetern idivi vetted treend ted nrdi tervee veer revend neder tete ntrti neni idi More >

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