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Azuki - definition of Azuki by The Free Dictionary
Azuki (Vigna angularis) is a legume widely produced and consumed in Asia, used in various manufacturing products, especially in typical sweets (SHI, 1988).

Konnyaku - definition of konnyaku by The Free Dictionary
Shirataki (Japanese for “white waterfall”) is made from the root of the Asian konnyaku or konjac plant, which consists primarily of a dietary fiber called glucomannan. Oz called konnyaku “nature''s skinny sponge” because the root is rich in dietary fiber that soaks up hunger. The noodles are made of water, tofu, and Konnyaku,...

Kuki Definition of Kuki by Merriam-Webster
Kuki definition is - any of numerous hill peoples in southern Assam, India. any of numerous hill peoples in southern Assam, India; a member of a Kuki people; a language of a Kuki people… See the full definition

Definitions of Giftedness – The International Gifted ...
To Define Giftedness, it is Essential That We Understand, ... Do our formal definitions of Giftedness match the humanistic characteristics, behaviors and needs of our gifted youth? ... The International Gifted Consortium Research Center for the Highly & Profoundly Gifted 14362 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., ...

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The word kuzujanakis uses 11 letters.

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No relate anagrams for kuzujanakis found in this word list.
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No Direct anagrams for kuzujanakis found in this word list.

Word scramble of kuzujanakis

aaijkknsuuz aijkknsuuza ijkknsuuzaa jkknsuuzaai kknsuuzaaij knsuuzaaijk nsuuzaaijkk suuzaaijkkn uuzaaijkkns uzaaijkknsu zaaijkknsuu More >
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nsna saai issui zaia zakk anan jaa akass kakanj sakiu jauja kanin junin uji naisia niajn ssin More >

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