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Frances Moore Lappé - Wikipedia
Frances Moore Lappé (born February 10, 1944) is an American researcher and writer in the area of food and democracy policy. She is the author of 19 books including the three-million copy, 1971 Diet for a Small Planet that the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History describes as “one of the most influential political tracts of the times."

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Frances Moore Lappe -
Frances Moore Lappé is a democracy advocate and world food and hunger expert who has authored or co-authored 19 books, including the three-million copy Diet for a …

Paca - Wikipedia
A paca is a member of the genus Cuniculus of ground-dwelling, herbivorous rodents in South and Central America.It is the only genus in the family Cuniculidae. They are large rodents with dots and stripes on their sides, short ears, and barely visible tails. They are also referred to as "gibnuts" or "royal rats".

Lappe Geseke
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Karl-Heinz Lappe ? Wikipedia
Karriere. Lappe begann als Sechsjähriger in der Fußballabteilung des SV Nord Lerchenau mit dem Fußballspielen und wechselte nach drei Spielzeiten in die Jugendabteilung des FC Bayern München, für die er fünf Spielzeiten absolvierte.. 2001 war er zwei Monate in der Jugendabteilung der SpVgg Unterhaching aktiv und …

Alle valpe kulla fra Lappe Tikko`s er Godkjent igjennom avelsrådet i Norsk Lapphundklubb

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The word lappe uses 5 letters.

The letters used in lappe

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5 spelling changes that would make English easier

appel apple papel pepla ppeal

Word scramble of lappe

aelpp elppa lppae ppael paelp More >
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Add one letter to the 'AELPP' letters

R Add - rappel lapper appler
S Add - lappes sapple appels apples slappe sppeal
T Add - lappet appelt applet
U Add - peplau lauppe palepu upleap papule
W Add - wappel
Y Add - yappel aleppy appley papley
Z Add - zapple

Short words found in lappe

pppl lpa lel paea epal plae alll pale leep More >

Words starting with lappe

lappethead lappessen lappets lappeted lappend lappering lappen lappenpop lappel lappeenranta

More >

Words ending in lappe

filmklappe slappe clappe flappe delappe

More >

Words containing lappe

velappen interlapped clapperclaws clappers bitchslapped dewlapped slapper millclapper klapper unflapped

More >

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