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Lapse Definition of Lapse by Merriam-Webster
Lapse definition is - a slight error typically due to forgetfulness or inattention. How to use lapse in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of lapse.

Lapse Define Lapse at
Lapse definition, an accidental or temporary decline or deviation from an expected or accepted condition or state; a temporary falling or slipping from a previous ...

LAPSE definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
lapse meaning: 1. a temporary failure: 2. a period of time passing between two things happening: 3. to end legally or officially by not being continued or made ...

lapse (noun) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary
Define lapse (noun) and get synonyms. What is lapse (noun)? lapse (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

lapse (verb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary
Define lapse (verb) and get synonyms. What is lapse (verb)? lapse (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

lapse Definition of lapse in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of lapse - a brief or temporary failure of concentration, memory, or judgement, an interval or passage of time.

Lapse legal definition of lapse - Legal Dictionary - The Free Dictionary
Definition of lapse in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is lapse? Meaning of lapse as a legal term. What does ...

Lapse definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Lapse definition: A lapse is a moment or instance of bad behaviour by someone who usually behaves well . Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...

Lapse dictionary definition lapse defined - YourDictionary
The definition of a lapse is a temporary failure in judgment or behavior or something that has declined in quality. An example of lapse is when a person has a ...

Lapse Law and Legal Definition USLegal, Inc.
Lapse is the failure of something to become operative. Lapse may refer to the failure to make a gift made in a will or a future distribution from a trust, caused by  ...

The word letters
The word lapse uses 5 letters.

The letters used in lapse

A E L P S anagram solver >

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lapsed lapses lapsing
Direct anagrams of lapse

5 spelling changes that would make English easier

selpa sepal sepla slape spale speal spela alpes alsep aples leaps lepas aspel lpase pales peals pelas plaes plase pleas plesa plsae elaps elspa epals salep salpe saple

Word scramble of lapse

aelps elpsa lpsae psael saelp More >
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T Add - pealts peltas petals petlas plaste plates pleats lapset lesapt sealpt aplets septal aspelt spalte spatel spelat spelta stapel staple talpes tepals palest palets pastel patels
U Add - pelusa apulse upsale upseal paules paulse
V Add - pelvas vespal pavels
W Add - waples pawels
Y Add - playes eplays sapley aplsey apsley aspley paleys palsey pasley
Z Add - plazes plesza

Short words found in lapse

pppl lpa lss lel slpp paea eeps pesp sepe spae lals epal plae elps spap lsl alll spea pale slps spla More >

Words starting with lapse

lapset lapsecure lapseless lapser lapsed lapsers lapses lapsen

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Words ending in lapse

colapse relapse overlapse prolapse ollapse tetrollapse interlapse coillapse timelapse collapse

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Words containing lapse

recollapsed unlapsed relapsers relapses illapses prolapses illapsed colapsed relapser collapsed

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