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Lase definition, to give off coherent light, as in a laser. See more.

Lase - definition of lase by The Free Dictionary
lase (l?z) v. lased, las·ing, las·es v.intr. To function as a laser; emit coherent radiation by the action of a laser. 1. To subject to laser light: lased ...

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About Us. The Louisiana Association of School Executives (LASE) is proud to be celebrating its 4th decade of existence. A professional organization striving to ...

Laser - Wikipedia
A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The term "laser ...

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LASE names Assistant Director. LASE board members, staff and faculty are excited to officially announce that Karen Wittmayer (middle, in blue) has been appointed to a ...

Lase dictionary definition lase defined
to emit laser light. Origin of lase. back-formation from laser. lase

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Meaning of LASE. What does LASE stand for? LASE abbreviation. Define LASE at Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools ...

LASE GmbH - Moderne Lasermessgeräte & …
LASE GmbH - Contactless 1D, 2D, 3D laser measurement solutions: distance, thickness, width, volume, position and velocity

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sael sale seal sela slae slea aesl ales alse asel asle eals easl elas elsa esal esla laes leas lesa

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aels elsa lsae sael More >
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T Add - aelst altes aslet astel astle elast etals etlas laste lates least leats lesta salet satel selat setal slate sleat stael stale steal stela taels tales talse teals telas telsa tesla
U Add - aleus alues elaus esula eulas eulsa lause salue sauel saule suela sulea
V Add - alves aslev asvel elvas esval evals laves leavs levas salve savel selva seval slave vales valse vasel veals velas vlase
W Add - aswel lawes salew salwe sawle selwa swale sweal wales walse wasel weals wesla wsale
X Add - alexs axels axles salex sexal sxale
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Z Add - lazes salez sazle sleza szale zales zeals zelas zsale

Short words found in lase

lss lel lsl se esl les aee ess lee sa lal els eel al sl ase ssl eaa sla sae aea as sls ss sas all las More >

Words starting with lase

laserlike laserpphotos laserguns lasergenics lasergraphic lasertechnik laserous lasersonic lasers laserjet

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Words ending in lase

auxoamylase methylase clase thermolase surgilase tryplase acetylhydolase antiamylase trehalase sulfurylase

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Words containing lase

euclases banglasesh multilaser collased blaserturm hydrolases legolased colorlaser hlasek klasen

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