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Lax Definition of Lax by Merriam-Webster
Define lax: loose, open; having loose bowels; deficient in firmness : not stringent ? lax in a sentence

Laxe - definition of Laxe by The Free Dictionary
Define Laxe. Laxe synonyms, Laxe pronunciation, Laxe translation, English dictionary definition of Laxe. abbr. lacrosse adj. lax·er , lax·est 1.

Lax Define Lax at
Lax definition, not strict or severe; careless or negligent: lax morals; a lax attitude toward discipline. See more.

Lax - definition of lax by The Free Dictionary
LAX abbr. lacrosse lax (l?ks) adj. lax·er, lax·est 1. Lacking in rigor, strictness, or firmness. See Synonyms at negligent. 2. Not taut, firm, or compact; slack ...

Lax definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary
Lax definition: If you say that a person's behaviour or a system is lax , you mean they are not careful... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Lax definition of lax by Medical dictionary
Looking for online definition of lax in the Medical Dictionary? lax explanation free. What is lax? Meaning of lax medical term. What does lax mean?

What does Laxe mean? -
Definition of Laxe in the dictionary. Meaning of Laxe. What does Laxe mean? Information and translations of Laxe in the most comprehensive dictionary ...

The word letters
The word laxe uses 4 letters.

The letters used in laxe

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xale xeal xela alex axel axle exla lexa

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aelx elxa lxae xael More >
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Short words found in laxe

lel exl lx xx xax aee xla lee lal axe eel al xal lax aex eaa aea xex xxe xel all ex lxl aax ll More >

Words starting with laxe

laxed laxest laxey laxers laxenoxen laxenburg laxen laxer

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Words ending in laxe

pollaxe jarlaxe allaxe plaxe curtalaxe parallaxe

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Words containing laxe

relaxes earthflaxes malaxermen claxemus flaxedil blaxell galaxean relaxer unrelaxed flaxenberg

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