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Label Definition of Label by Merriam-Webster
Define label: band, fillet; specifically : one attached to a document to hold an appended seal ? label in a sentence.

Label Define Label at
Label definition, a slip of paper, cloth, or other material, marked or inscribed, for attachment to something to indicate its manufacturer, nature, ownership, ...

Label dictionary definition label defined - YourDictionary
A label in a shirt. Licensed from iStockPhoto. noun. The definition of a label is something used to describe a person or thing. An example of a label is a piece of  ...

Label - definition of label by The Free Dictionary
An item used to identify something or someone, as a small piece of paper or cloth attached to an article to designate its origin, owner, contents, use, ...

What is label? Webopedia Definition
Label is the name of a storage volume. It is sometimes referred to as a volume label. In spreadsheets, label is any descriptive text placed in a cell.

What is label? definition and meaning -
Definition of label: Pictorial, descriptive, or informative matter (such as a brand, mark, or tag), attached, embossed, impressed, marked, printed, or stenciled on ...

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The word lebal uses 5 letters.

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beal bla lel eab bbb ble baba blae alll More >

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knuckleballer scuffleball phlebalgia templeball puddleball castlebaldwin angleball knuckleball paddleballs candleball

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