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Leela: A female given name used in India, a spelling variant of Lila.

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Lila Definition - Lila is a Sanskrit term that has a range of translations and uses within Hinduism and yogic philosophy. Primarily, its meanings tend...

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lila definition: Lila is a girl's name meaning night or dark-haired beauty. (noun) An ... YourDictionary definition and usage example. ... Alternative spelling: Leela.

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The word leela uses 5 letters.

The letters used in leela

A E E L L anagram solver >

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aelle allee lelea ealle eleal elela

Word scramble of leela

aeell eella ellae llaee laeel More >
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M Add - laemle elmlea lemale maelle mallee mellea
N Add - ellena lelean aellen aenlle alleen allene nealle
P Add - epalle
R Add - laeler larlee arelle
S Add - leales leelas lesale leslea saleel salele sallee allees sellae
T Add - etalle allete altele
V Add - vallee velela lavele leavel alevel alleve
W Add - alewel
X Add - axelle
Z Add - azelle

Short words found in leela

lel alll More >

Words starting with leela

leelaventure leelane leeland leelas leelachalima leelawong leeladhar leelavadee leelanau leelai

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Words containing leela

ariloulaleelay cleeland tamileelam

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